I built my son’s bed! Oh yeah!!!!!!

Hey there,

I finally did it…. I built something with brand new lumber and a set of plans! My son and I BOTH built his bed.   I must say, I really enjoyed building this, the smell of new lumber is so awesome.  With all of the changes that have been taking place at the house, one of which was some bed swapping, I decided that my youngest needed a new bed.  He had been sleeping in a twin size and was wanting a full size.  You can see the previous bed here.

I started scouring Craigslist looking for a bed for him.  I did see several that I liked but they were all more “my taste”….. you know… kinda french country…. antique looking.  Not cool for a soon to be 13-year-old.  I finally found one that was something that he liked and of course when I called the guy, it had just sold!!! Agh….


I was feeling defeated and frustrated.  I just forgot about it for the evening and called it good.  The next day out of nowhere it hit me!


I scoured the web for ideas and then remembered Ana freaking White!  Yeah, you know who she is don’t you….. if you don’t, you absolutely must go check out her blog.  It is so much awesomeness that I can’t even describe.  The direct link to the bed I made is here.  She really does give you detailed instructions.  I printed the plans for the full size bed and the queen because she had more details in the queen. They are exactly the same except for the measurements.

calebs bed 2

This was right after getting home with the lumber

calebs bed 3

I put the plans in sheet protectors for easy reference

calebs bed 4

My little man

calebs bed 6

Here it is all put together before the paint

calebs bed 5

We decided on a creamy white after testing out some different colors

calebs bed 7

Here it is in his room!  This thing is huge and he LOVES it.

I really enjoyed building this with him.  It’s cool that this is a bed that he will have for the rest of his life.  He will have the memories of he and I building this and be able to tell his children where it came from.  I can see him giving this to one of his children someday.  No I don’t expect him to actually sleep in this for the rest of his life but he will still have it for a child or a guest room.  This thing is solid….. no MDF in this bed.  We worked hard and laughed a lot, it was the best part about making this bed.calebs bed 8

I hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July!

Blessings to you

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Dog bed upcycle….. cause I needed some serious DIY therapy

Hey there,

It’s official…. Summer has arrived.  I hope your weekend was glorious.  I know it’s been a while since my last post but there have been lots of changes on the home front.  Recently my daughter and her family moved in with us.  It is a temporary situation while they look for a home.  So now our home has gone from a house of 5 to a house of 9!  As you can imagine, the transition is not an easy one but we are doing our best to make the most of the situation.  I love having my granddaughters close to me now.  They lived an hour away and that made it difficult to see them anytime I wanted to.  They are looking for a home in the town we live in so it will be nice to just have them a few minutes away.   So with all of the changes that have been happening, I hadn’t had time to really tackle any projects.  This past weekend I finally said to my self…. self….. you gotta get your DIY on or you might end up on the 5 oclock news.   I must have looked something like this…. Stress-ConfusionChokeDon’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and her family, but living with each other……. well that’s a whole different story.  You know what I mean right?

Anyway, I started with this……..porch bench1 This was a former toddler bed that was to be used for a dog bed.  A dog bed that a dog never would sleep on.  It seems that my dogs only want to sleep in the bed that I sleep in. :/  I was going to put it out on the curb for big trash day last month but had forgotten to do it.   Well a few days ago we had a storm blow through and I woke up to this…….storm picThe table had flipped and the glass top was in a bazillion pieces…. Ughhhh!  As I was cleaning the mess up, I started looking around at what I had to create some sort of comfortable seating area for the family, since we were no longer going to have the ability to sit at a table on the porch. That’s when it hit me…. hmmmm I wonder if I could make that “dog bed” more comfortable.

I started looking around in my stash of scrap wood and with a little bit of this and that,  porch bench 2 porch bench 3 porch bench 4it finally started coming together.  I used pieces of old fence, the spindles were made using the slats from a shutter that I had taken apart when I was working on mom’s birthday present.  I also used boards from part of the deck that was falling apart.  porch bench 7 porch bench 6Little by little, bit by bit it starting looking like a bench.

I painted it with homemade chalk paint, sprayed it with a light coat of sealer, covered the cushion with a table-cloth and threw some comfy pillows on.  I love it!  I am thrilled with how it turned out.  porch bench 8 porch bench 12 porch bench 11 porch bench 10To think that I almost threw out that dog bed…….. I know, me of all people…… throwing something out….. I told you I was in need of therapy!   I rearranged some of the other furniture that I had and created a cozy conversation area,porch bench 9porch bench 18 no it doesn’t hold all 9 of us but it will certainly hold 6.  :)  So how was your weekend, please do tell.  Oh and if you have any advice on living with your grown children….. I would welcome it! :)

Blessings to you,

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Craft Cabinet

Hey there,

Recently I acquired this cabinet from a Salvation Army store for $50.00.  craft cabinet before 2 craft cabinet before 1 craft cabinet before 3With the help from my best cousin Kelly we were able to get it into my office.  This thing is huge and heavy.  It is 100% wood, no filler here.  I loved the rustic look to it and knew that I could make it beautiful again.   A little bit of DIY chalk paint and a stain wash was all it took.  Oh and the cool knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby really sealed the deal.  I love this cabinet and it looks awesome in my office.  IMG_0064 craft cabinet after craft cabinet after 4 craft cabinet after 3 craft cabinet after 2 I also took pictures of the inside all painted but am having trouble finding them….. :-/ I love how you can still see all of the “imperfections” through the paint. Another thrifting treasure from the Salvation Army. What is your latest find? I would love to hear all about it.

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How I spent Mothers day weekend

Hey there,

I hope that your Mother’s day was special and spent with the one’s you love.   I gave my mom some choices for her day.  I called and said…. OK… you have a choice….. we can go hit some antique shops in a surrounding town, or we can go get your hair done… or I can paint your fireplace.  PAINT THE FIREPLACE!!!!! She was all over that… she has been wanting that done for quite some time.  The den only has one wall of windows and they do not get much light through them.  There is a huge tree in the back yard that provides plenty of shade but it isn’t great for making a space feel bright.  This room was so dark and the whole wall being dark brick with dark wood shelves just made it feel like a black hole.

Here is a few before pictures to give you an idea of how dark everything was.moms fireplace before3 moms fireplace before2 moms fireplace before1

We emptied the mantle and all the crap collectables that she had, removed the brass and glass doors….. (yep she likes them) and cleaned out last years ashes.  During the clean out we discovered that she needed a new grate because the one she had was broken and was no longer going to work for building a fire.

After vacuuming and sweeping off each and every brick it was time to torture myself start the process.

I am here to tell ya, if you ever get an itch to paint your fireplace…… be prepared to spend the next 15 to 24 hours in pain…. pain I tell ya! It was worse than painting a hutch… If you have ever done that, you know what I mean.  Within 30 minutes of starting, I knew that this was going to be torture.    I started on Friday evening, worked until about 12:30 in the morning (when I ran out of paint.)moms fireplace during  We got up Saturday, had breakfast and were on our way to get more paint when we got a little side tracked.. Me and mom do that frequently :).  We ended up hitting several of our favorite antique shops that are in Shawnee, OK.  One of them is called Green’s Corner.  It is a fabulous place that is packed to the rim with goodies. 2014-05-10 10.06.42 2014-05-10 10.06.49 2014-05-10 10.03.19 2014-05-10 10.06.17 2014-05-10 10.33.53 You know the kind, it’s filled with all sorts of treasures that are reasonably priced and so much to see that you really can’t see it all in one day.  Well while we were there I found this…2014-05-10 12.45.25 yes it is a huge fireplace grate…. remember me telling you that mom needed one?  Well this is the granddaddy of grates.  It is a rarity to find one this size.  When the owner was walking by I asked “how much you asking for this”?  …. at this point I’m thinking to my self…. I will go as high as $50….. he said 10 bucks! I immediately asked if he could load it!  Score!!!! Find of the day!  (When we got home later we looked that size up and found one online for $260.00! ) There were so many cool things that really was calling my name….2014-05-10 10.19.32 especially this dough bowl.  I’m seriously kicking myself for not getting it as I have wanted one for like evah…. Anyway from there we went to a couple of other places down main street and ended up at Reeves Antiques and Things.  This is a fantastic little shop that also has lots of goodies reasonably priced.  Check out these goodies… sorry about the bad pics…phone camera.2014-05-10 11.39.19 2014-05-10 11.44.30 2014-05-10 11.45.32 2014-05-10 12.31.43 I wanted them all.  This was my favorite… I soooo wanted to take this home with me…2014-05-10 11.44.55 Only  $45.00 I believe that the frame was worth that… I may have to go back and see if it is still there… :( That would sure be an AWESOME  birthday present….

We left there, went and had some lunch then got gallon #2 of paint.  (Valspar Swiss Coffee in eggshell)  I finally finished all of the painting around 11:30pm Sat.  As much as I complain about how painful it was to paint that fireplace, I am so glad that I did.  It looks so good, it really brightens up the room.  It no longer looks like a black hole!  Mom loved it…. now wants the rest of the room painted!  (sigh)That will be a near future project.  I have been busy around this place and hope to have  another post very soon. Just look how good this looks. 2014-05-10 23.04.54 2014-05-10 23.05.25

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Turquoise Trunk

Hey there,

I hope you and your family are having a fantastic Easter weekend.  I had good Friday off and got so much accomplished.  One of the things was this  little trunk that I got from my bestest picker….. Kelly,  thanks again YOU ARE AWESOME!  kristy trunk before 5 kristy trunk before 6 kristy trunk before 7 I decided that I wanted to make another top for it. The original top was in pretty bad shape and I wanted to have more of a cottage look. I used some boards that I found in the trash area of a construction site. I also wanted to add some feet to the bottom and used parts from an old headboard. I had to cut along the bottom of the trunk to level everything off and to be able to “show off” its feet.

I originally was going to paint this a creamy white and add a french graphic but I changed my mind. This was going to be for my daughter and I didn’t feel that it would really fit in with her style. I decided to go much bolder with the color. I sprayed it with Rust-oleum Painter’s touch in Lagoon and then did the glazing with Martha Stewart Living Metalic Glaze in Black Coffee. I just love this color with the glaze over it. This little trunk is just so darn cute.kristy trunk after 1

kristy trunk after 3

kristy trunk after 2 She may use it as an entry bench or a bench at the dining table or even a coffee table. These little things are so versatile. Side by side before and after……. Doesn’t it look so much better??2014-04-18I have several projects in the works and now that spring has finally sprung, I will be able to be out in the shop more and hopefully get things posted.
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Thrift store scores and a question

Hey there,

I wanted to share with you some of my recent finds.  I love a bargain and the thrill of the hunt.  It is so satisfying to find cool things that would normally cost a small fortune for a fraction.  This mirror was found at a salvation army for $3.00! It still has the original tag on the back that was marked $29.00. How awesome is that!!!! mirror2 mirror1


cup1 I got four of these cups and saucers at a Goodwill shop for $4.00 for the whole box! On the Pottery Barn website they have the cups alone for $28.00 for 4! Yikes….

I picked up this lovely vase at a thrift shop for $8.00! This is one of my favorite finds. It is numbered and says Italy on the bottom. If anyone has any info on it, I would love to hear about it. I don’t think that it would be called a vase but I really don’t know what else to call it.
thrift store score1

thrift store score2

thrift store score3

spring bedroom6 The lamp I got off of freecycle. It had been painted black and was chipping. I repainted it and added a new shade. The clock I picked up at a Goodwill shop for I believe $1.98 and the vase with the flowers were also a thrift store find.

This clock was also a Goodwill find. I picked this up for $3.00! It also still has the original price of $39.99 on the back of it. clock before paint I am debating on whether or not to paint this. I was thinking about doing a dry brush in a creamy white with a little glaze over it. What do you think? Should I paint it or leave it as is? I really hope you will give me suggestions. What would you do with it? If you would paint it, what color??? Please help me to decide on what I should do with this lovely clock. What treasures have you found lately? I would love to hear all about it. Thanks for taking the time to visit my little blog. Happy spring and happy Easter to you all!

Blessings to you,
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Que The Sound of Music…….

Hey there,

This weekend here in OK was just spectacular…..perfect temp perfect weekend to clean out the monstrosity and even get the flower beds cleaned up and ready for mulch and some new flowers.  Saturday I was up and out in the garage by 8am and didn’t come out of there until 10:00pm.  Fortunately I had a very good helper and he hung in with me right until the very last screwdriver was hung on the peg board.  me and caleb(Sorry so blurry…. this was the 5th picture that hubby took and I had had enough…. he’s not a camera man :\ )We worked so hard and the pay off was a fantastic organized space that I can actually function in. Yes….. it is still filled to the max and there were two truck loads of crap stuff to hall to the dump, but everything has its place and it will all be used and needed.  Just check out these after pics……garage after1 garage 2 garage 3 garage 4 garage5 garage6 I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to have this one… very huge item crossed off of my “to-do” list.  All the clutter is gone and hubby is no longer embarrassed to open the garage door. :)  Just in case you forgot…. here is the before…IMG_0003 and the after….garage8 garage 2 huge improvement don’t ya think?

How was your weekend? Did you get any big to-do off of your list?  Was the weather beautiful in your neck of the woods? Fingers crossed that the “polar vortex” is done for this season!!!!!

Have a great week,My blog signature


Que the theme from Psycho!!!!

Hi all,

Well the weekend has arrived and can you guess what is on my to-do list the next 2 days???  Que the theme from Psycho…. can you hear it?? I certainly can!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep… this horrible monstrosity is what is supposed to be a garage, shop, whatever you want to call it.  IMG_0002This is soooooo bad, I am purposely editing these pics so not to embarrass myself quite as bad as it would be if they were left agehm…picture perfect.  IMG_0001

This horribly cold winter has been tough on me and my garage.  It just been too stinkin cold to clean up after each cut and too cold to apparently put things back where it belongs…… IMG_0003Oh my it is so bad.  Fingers crossed that I come out of this with all of my digits and hopefully my self-esteem.  I will update when I come out….. alive.  At least the weather is going to be beautiful…. mid 70′s and light wind…FINALLY!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend,

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The latest sign and a kitchen restyle

Hey there,

I am finally taking the time to get something posted.  I know it has been a while and I do have so many different things to share that I have been working on.  I blame it on a busy full-time job, full-time mom and well you know life.  I can’t wait until I can devote more time and attention to this blog and my real passion of upcycling and building, until then….. I will continue to sporadically post all the things that I think might inspire you.   Today I am sharing a sign that me and my youngest made together.  Actually it was two signs but the second one was just an after thought while creating the first one.

This was our inspiration. grocery inspiration I had to go to Hobby Lobby one day to get supplies to finish a wedding gift that I was working on…. I will share that later.  While me and my little man were there we spotted it and I said I could make that.  He said really?? I said sure.. don’t you  think that would look cool in our kitchen?  I knew that I wanted mine to be even bigger than the one they had so I was on the look out for a very long board.

Those who have been following along know that I love curb finds and this was certainly not going to be any different. I knew that surely I could find 1 long wide board somewhere.  fortunately I didn’t have to look long.  The following week I was driving by a house that was under construction and found my board.  It was in the pile of scraps that the contractors bunch all together to be loaded in their trash.   It was now mine….. one more item out of the land fill.

We were able to paint the base color of the  board on a day that it was beautiful outside and then two days later while it was raining out we finished up the letters in the office. caleb with sign I completely re-styled the top of the kitchen just for the board sign.  kitchen grocery sign While painting the letters, I was inspired to create the “feed store” sign also. kitchen feed store My little man did such a good job helping to create my sign.  I love it!!!!   Gosh……. I so would love to live in an old farm-house.  Hubby…… not so much.

I just love the look of vintage signs… as a matter of fact, I have found more boards…. now what else can I paint….. to be continued.   While I’m at it, I will go ahead and show all the shots of the kitchen, including my ironstone collection.hutch restyled  I love how all the white looks on the hutch that I redone… you can read about that here. I also discovered that I could pull out the wine bottle holder that I thought was “built in” from the cabinets. kitchen feed store 2nd view wine cabinet I decided to move that to the top of the cabinets on the other side.  I love having the extra shelf now, and ended up putting all my dry goods up there. Hey… I made that sign too….. hmmm i’m starting to see a pattern here… loldry goods cabinet restyled

This is one of my favorite decorative pieces.  guys chips canIt was given to me by my favorite cousin.  She loves good junk too.  :) Thanks Kelly, you are awesome!!!!  Even the coffee station got a make over.  coffe station redo

I hope you have a blessed day and a beautiful weekend.

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Computer is up and running!

Hey there,

Just a quick post to let you all know that I am finally trying to upload pictures to the new computer and am working on posting soon. I can’t wait to show you some of the recent thrift store finds and upcycles I have been working on. I hope to get some things published this weekend. In the mean time….. Yay, I’m back to the social network. I will leave with 1 picture of a beautiful soup tureen that I found for….. $2.00! It is beautiful ironstone and the sticker on the bottom was from Crate and Barrel. So originally it had to be around $50.00 or so. I consider it a very good find…… One more piece to my collection. :) IMG_0054

Blessings to you,

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